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My first attempt at designing new products started with my creattion of various carrying slings for companies to put their logos on.  I soon got into electronics with the Golf Score Organizer and Goal Getter Sweatband . When my wife got ill back in 2000, much of my design work came to a hault up until she passed away in 2003. 


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In 1998 I took a job at a alarm call center and found myself in pain on a regular basis due to the poor ergonomic designs provided by my employer.  I started out designing comfortable workstations, like all the traditionalists still do, but soon found that I need to move and exercise while working on the computer. 

First Invention was the Dashboard Sun Visor in 1985

Started working on Computer Workstations that provided Ergonomic comfort in 1998

First Patent received for a Exercise Organizer Sweatband in 1998

Designed Golf Score Organizer in 1998

Invented and Marketed the Ski Sling in SKI Magazine in 1998

Designed electronic version of the Exercise Organizer Sweatband in 1999

Learned that Ergonomic Comfort was only part of the solution in ergonomic design in 1999 and started creating an active computer workstation

Designed my first Sit/Stand Workstation prototype in 2000


A year after my wife's passing, I Founded Migrant Relief Services, Inc. in Aurora, Colorado in 2004

Masters Degree in Organizational Developement from Regis University in 2007

Founded in 2008 to Present

 Added a flexible backrest to the Sit/Stand product in 2010

Added a rolling seat base to the ErgoFlex 2000 in 2010 

FInished my design work on the Ergo-Gym in 2010

Made the Ergo-Gym prototype in Fall of 2011

Started looking into ways to create electricity from exercise on my workstations in 2011


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