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"The Office of the Future will offer Holistic solutions that Preserve Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Wellbeing through FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT with MILD EXERCISE and Optimal Ergnomics Comfort throughout the ENTIRE workday.  It will be ALSO mobile and in a PARK near you! "                            Phil Brady, Computer Work Space Wellness Designer and Inventor of the    BackBliss Backpack Product Line


Phil Brady's  "Tip of the Spear " approach to putting an end to Sedentary Death Syndrome is to start making proper sitting posture available at what he calls our many "Sedentary Landmines"  that threaten our health throughout the day.  By delivering a unique Posture Support System though drawstring Bags and  Backpacks, imploding postures can finally be a thing of the past!   

 The Perfect Delivery Point for Back Pain Relief



The BackBliss Backpacks are going to be available soon on Kickstater.  Please take a look and share with your contacts! 



Phil Brady's  mission is create #ergoActive computer workstation solutions that offer the comfort of ergonomic design along with the benefits of full body movement and mild exercise of major muscle groups in-between downloads and mouse clicks.  Phil's work in computer work space wellness design is the result of the latest research in ACTIVE ERGONOMICS.  



To learn more about Sedentary Death Syndrome click here. 


If Sitting is the NEW Smoking, then Phil Brady wants to be the NEW Nicotine Patch! 

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" Despite all the research proving the health hazards of prolonged sitting, we are are still seeing forces at work that keep us sitting all day at work, in our schools and universities. Why?  It is my opinion that far too many executives remain stuck in the old Master/Slave Managerial style that requires the use of "modern day chains" we call chairs.  

Control Management is not a new phenomena nor is it being aggressively dismantled in many companies BUT this has to change for the good not only if our health BUT FOR THE GOOD OF OUR HUMANITY. " Phil Brady, Father of the #ergoActive Movement


Phil wants the sedentary workforce to work like their lives depends on it, because it really does! Having the dignity to use gravity as a force that protects health instead of a force that dismantles our health is the #ergoActive Mission ! 


In his petition to end the harms caused by the current "ergonomic" chairs, Phil hopes to ask our representatives to pressure Big Business to offer REAL & VIABLE Active Office Furnishings that give 86% of the workforce the ability to protect their health from the many health hazards of what Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic calls, THE SITTING DISEASE. Please Sign Petition





The other solution is to bring healthy sitting posture to the many SEDENTARY LANDMINES that threaten our health throughout the entire day with the new BackBliss Backpack Product line designed by Phil Brady.  This new line of Backpacks is the best delivery point for protecting sitting posture for our on the GO yet highly sedentary lifestyle.
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 To learn more about the #ergoAvtive Movement and Phil Brady, Click Here

First #ergoActive Computer Workstation From  Bun & Thigh Rocker Created by Phil Brady in 1999

Inline image Bun & Thigh Rocker by Body By Jake

#ergoActive Computer Workstation Created from The Gazelle by Phil Brady in 2010

#ergoActive Computer Workstation Created from the Ab-Coaster in 2013 by Phil Brady

#ergoActive Sit-Stand Workstation Inspired by SciFi Film Created by Phil Brady in 2014

#ergoActive Computer Workstation Concept by Phil Brady in 2014


#ergoActive Computer Workstation Created from the Ball-Bike by Phil Brady in 2015 

Inline image

Ask Phil about the New Ball Bike Franchise Opportunity!  Click Below

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