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50 Benefits of Active Sitting

Posted by Phil Brady on March 4, 2013 at 3:30 PM

If you are a workplace wellness coordinator you need to be aware of what the increasingly educated employee is growing more aware these days about the dangers of sitting too long at their desks.  The sedentary workforce has their eyes open to the problem Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic calls, The Sitting Disease and the cure is Active Relaxation Computer Workstations.  Workplace wellness can find tremendous success if it is built on a strong foundation of Work Space Wellness.  

Active Sitting:

1. Switches on the body’s metabolic furnace, allowing efficient calorie burning.

2. Stimulate the lymphatic system and wards off disease.

3. Stimulates brain function, improving memory as much as 15% in a 6 month period.

4. Increases blood flow to the brain and increases productivity.

5. Improves mood and wards off mild depression without medication.

6. Promotes significant weight loss and control of appetite.

7. Prevents onset of Type II Diabetes and assists with control.

8. Improves blood circulation throughout the body.

9. Improves lung capacity.

10. Promotes healthy restorative sleep patterns.

11. Bolsters the immune system.

12. Prevent bone loss (osteoporosis).

13. Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke.

14. Reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).

15. Improves blood lipid profiles.

16. Increases good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

17. Reduces overall body fat.

18. Enhance mental well-being.

19. Reduces the risk of colon cancer.

20. May reduce the risk of breast cancer.

21. Reduces inflammation from arthritis and osteoarthritis.

22. Increases flexibility and coordination, reducing risks of falls.

23. Reduces the risk of dementia and Alzheimers.

24. Consistently INCREASES LIFE SPAN.

25. Relieves back pain.

26. Assists in recoveries after some surgeries.

27. May reduce side effects of chemotherapy.

28. Increases strength of leg and back muscles.

29. Prevents loss of work from sick days.

30. Increases overall fitness levels and health.

31. Prevents arthritis in the knees.

32. Assists in the rehabilitation of stroke victims.

33. Frees up more personal time and time with family,

34. Significantly reduces stress levels.

35.  Makes exercise automatic and habit forming.

36. Can assist in reducing high blood pressure.

37.  Lowers the risk of gallstones and gall bladder surgeries.

38.  Stimulates release of dopamine, increasing levels of happiness.

39.  May decrease risk of heart disease in women by 40%.

40.  May decrease risk of stroke in men by as much as 50%.

41. Assists in reducing health care costs.

42. Reduces necessity for some medications.

43. May decrease the risk of contracting glaucoma.

44. Increases regularity, decreases incidence of constipation.

45. Lessens the stress on your lower back.

46. Increases libido, enhances sex lives.

47. Decreases the incidence of impotence.

48. Decreases incidence of sleep apnea; enhances sleep.

49. Protects against likelihood of hip fractures.

50. Increases levels of self-satisfaction and wellness.

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