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Good Design Should MORPH into Better Design

Posted by Phil Brady on March 12, 2012 at 6:45 PM

The Recent Attempts at Ergonomic Design don't allow for Movement & Exercise My inspiration for my ErgoMorphis Sdesigns came from a need to be able to exercise while I work. As a technician who worked in a call center of a major alarm service company for nearly ten years, I suffered a tremendous decrease in health due to sitting too long behind a computer screen. I needed an answer to this problem and came up with one after much trial and error.

Netsurfer Classic


The Gravitous

The Nethrone


Comfort is only part of the problem computer workstation designers need to solve today. Obesity is on the rise and is a strain on the health insurance industry. While these and others similiar designs do address the need for ergonomic comfort, they all lack body movement and exercise.

We have become an information processing society that requires long hours of sitting behind a computer to do our work. Balance Seating is the new term that allows for best sitting posture for the desk worker. This sitting posture is also found in house back riding as well.

The Sit-Stand Posture provides a good working posture.

This next example is a chair designed by a South Korean Ergonomic Chair Manufacturing company called Inno-chair. This multifunctional chair, model # TT-A600, allows for stretching movement and rollers on the back reset offer a massage while leaning back. The sitting posture still is a traditional posture and is not a healthy working posture.


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