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"The Office of the Future will offer Holistic solutions that Preserve Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Wellbeing through FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT with MILD EXERCISE throughout the ENTIRE workday" Phil Brady, Innovator


The mission of Ergomorphis is bring unique computer workstation designs that offer the comfort of ergonomic design along with the benefits of full body movement and mild exercise in-between downloads and mouse clicks.  Ergomorphis is the result of the latest research in ACTIVE ERGONOMICS. It's mission is to create solutions that MORPH movement opportunities in the office place without sacrificing ergonomics for activity like the current treadmill desks and ball chairs do.  Leave a comment for Phil Brady here.

The sedentary workforce is over 80% of the American workforce and their lives are at risk. Sedentary workers are at risk of premature death caused by what Physiologist Professor Frank Booth from the University of Missouri calls, Sedentary Death Syndrome.  The unhealthy sitting posture provided by traditional desks and chairs destroys good health and is counterproductive to a company's goals and objectives. 

"My Friends, We are working in chairs and desks that were never intended for long term computer use. It is safe to conclude that with all the research pointing to the fact that a sedentary lifestyle is a deadly lifestyle, far too little is being done to enforce a more active office workplace.  I am convinced that no workplace wellness program will ever succeed without building it on a strong foundation of a work-space wellness design.  Despite all the research proving the health hazards if prolonged sitting, we are are still seeing forces at work that keep us sitting all day at work.  Why?  It is my opinion that many executive managers are stuck in a master/slave managerial style that require the modern day chains we call chairs.  Control Management is not a new phenomena nor is it being aggressively dismantled in many companies BUT this has to change for the good not only our health BUT FOR OUR HUMANITY. You can help put an end to this injustice by petitioning your human resource department at work and your political representative as well. I hope you will join me in the fight against the NEW SMOKING; SITTING." Phil Brady, ergoActive work-space designer.




Ergomorphis wants the sedentary workforce to work like their lives depends on it, because it really does! Having the dignity to use gravity as a force that protects health instead of dismantles health is the CALL TO ACTION behind the petition to Congress.  In this petition we ask our representatives to pressure big business to offer REAL & VIABLE Active Office Furnishings that give 86% of the workforce to protect their health from the many health hazards of what Dr. James Levine from the Mayo Clinic calls, THE SITTING DISEASE. Please Sign Petition




The Latest Research shows significant health benefits for overweight adults in breaking up prolonged sitting.

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